We’re committed to turning complexity into simplicity, making technology useful for both individuals and businesses.


Using rapid validation and iterative product development techniques, we help companies to stop time and energy being wasted while creating amazing digital experiences, happier teams and stakeholders with an innovative attitude that sets us apart.

We help companies understanding today’s challenges and anticipating the future developing technological, customised and efficient solutions.





Lots of energy, dedication, and curiosity are put forward a common goal.
We can work at a fast pace and explore new paths for our clients thanks to a combination of methods, passion and creativity.


The strength and passion of our engineers, developers, designers, creative talents and mathematicians make us unique.
A lot of diverse skills that together allow us to create technological products to innovate our clients’ business model.



A window to our world, a look at everything that happens around Uqido to understand its essence, company philosophy, and daily life.

Breaking the fear of front-end testing

19 Novembre 2019 / 19 – 21
Uqido Headquarter

Fondamenti di Digital Transformation

29 Ottobre 2019 / 19 – 21
Le Village by CA

Il dilemma dell’innovatore

1 Ottobre 2019 / 19 – 21 Uqido Headquarter

“That which you believe becomes your world.”

Richard Matheson

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

Roy Bennett

“Build your life not on what you see today but on the things of tomorrow.”

Sunday Adelaja

“So much possibility lives within the beauty of your authenticity. Be real.”

Scott Stabile

“Entrepre­neur­ship must be owned by everyone to innovate and give value to the society.”

Asra Al Fauzi


Not just a simple client-provider contact but rather a stable, long-lasting, honest relationship.