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Our commitment to Healthcare continues with a new collaboration with healthcare company ULSS 6 Euganea that led to the creation of a native iOS and Android app for women expecting a baby. This project started with the analysis of the users and interviews with all people concerned (midwives, doctors, operators, etc.) and continued with the definition of the required features and their design, and the programming with the help of Kotlin and Swift. The back-end for operators has been designed mainly with Ruby on Rails.

Effective innovation always originates from a need. In this case, the aim is to provide effective and timely support to expectant mothers. It is a unique experience, indeed. A wonderful experience to live that can also be frightening. Numberless examinations, all kinds of advice about correct nutrition and health – a woman may struggle to find her own way. ULSS 6 Euganea asked us to work together to help future mothers with an intuitive, swift and easy-to-use tool. This is how Sei Mamma Euganea arose. This app supports women throughout their pregnancy and in the three years following the birth of their children.

Our developers and designers worked on the project for six months in close contact with the medical staff of the local healthcare company. The native app allows mothers to create a profile from which all the information can be managed. It is possible to schedule exams in an instant using the Lucky system, another project made in Uqido that has been used for years by patients of ULSS 6 to reserve their medical appointments. The app shows a calendar that marks the checks to be carried out, so as not to get lost among all the medical exams a pregnant woman must undergo. Each examination is accurately described, and it is also possible to view the opening hours of the clinics.

An easy-to-use app full of useful features to break down barriers and bring public health closer to the citizen.

Another feature that makes this app unique is the advice feature. We know that it is extremely easy to find advice on the web, but we never know if we can rely on it. As a matter of fact, women often have many doubts, especially during their first pregnancy, and may fear to ask questions they consider naive to doctors. Sei Mamma Euganea has a section dedicated exclusively to the suggestions from ULSS doctors on all aspects of pregnancy: nutrition, sun exposure, medicines to take in case of illness without harming the child, and so on.

What makes this app and, in general, innovative tools so appealing? Is there a special factor that determines the success or failure of new products? In this case, two elements have been decisive: the careful analysis of the users’ needs, either manifest or latent, to which the app must answer; and a set of complementary services that multiply the chances to use the app and makes it practical.

Therefore, anonymous questionnaires on the psychological state of the future mothers have been included. These tests are created by ULSS psychologists and will be used by the healthcare company to compile statistics. Each response is given a score. The final result tells the psychophysical state of the user. The psychological aspect is essential during pregnancy: post-partum depression is not so rare.

An extremely useful tool that is the result of very different skills, from engineering to medical, including design and project management expertise.

An additional feature gives mothers the possibility of including information on children already born in their profile, in order to create a sort of family archive. Mothers can find advice on their growth and the list of exams they have to undergo up to the fourth year of life. That provides valuable help to new parents.

The app also includes a useful voting system that allows users to express their opinion on the service, offering an overview of the clinics that made other mothers feel more comfortable. This is a useful resource also for the managers of the ULSS who will thus realize which services need improvement.

“To us, Uqido not only was a technology provider, but it has also been a competent partner able to accurately manage all phases of the project, thanks to heterogeneous skills and the adoption of Agile methodology.”

ULSS 6 Euganea General Manager

ULSS 6 operators manage independently contents and data within the app thanks to a complete CMS. They can modify and add, for example, opening hours or doctors’ advice when needed. The infrastructure of the app has been designed in such a way that it can also be used by other institutions interested in the service.

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