Credit Agricole

The World, Inside A Room

VR Experience

The goal here is to create a Virtual Reality experience to convey the bank’s values, its value proposition to its customers. The theme of the communication campaign is “A big bank, all for you” and the theme of internationality is prevalent. Therefore, an immersive experience is created for the inauguration of the new Crédit Agricole branch in Verona, where the clients can visit both Paris and London without leaving the room.

Places far away, yet still serviced by the bank, are immediately reachable thanks to HTC Vive headsets and MSi VR-ONE backpacks that accompany the bank’s customers in the exploration of the two European capitals. The experience is entirely custom-crafted, starting from the writing of the storyboard up to the very creation of the environments in Computer Graphics, right after the conception of interactions that allow the users to move from one setting to another.

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