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VR Experience
AR Experience

Augmented Reality, thanks to a simple mobile app, allows you to carry around the entire catalog of the company’s product, anywhere and at any time. Especially in the case of real estate, cumbersome properties or large quantities of variants, products can be placed in the real world through devices such as smartphones and tablets.
The rendering of 3D models is qualitatively high, also thanks to the careful study of brightness and reflection of light on surfaces.

Arianna LED
AR At The Fair

3D models loaded in the real world also allow for high levels of interaction. Arianna LED has brought to the fair an instrument which, without the need for a marker, places on a flat surface the model of a city, illuminated with its products. It is possible to choose the type of lighting and to check its effectiveness, consumption, and costs in real time, and to then send with a simple tap all these parameters to Arianna LED technicians. Immediacy and user experience are studied in every detail to make this app an extremely useful product.

Portale AR
A door to the world

Rather than an object positioned on a flat surface, here a portal appears and extends to a place, entirely created in computer graphics, explorable by visitors on foot and then, by looking back, a place to observe the real world from where we started. This immersive setting can be a fancy place to entertain, but also a showroom of a corporate, a building, a shop and much more.

Vinyl AR
Go beyond watching listen

A proof of concept that helps to understand that AR apps can not only show something but also play a song, a narration or an explanation, just by pointing at supports commonly at hand.

You can imagine music coming out of a vinyl record, as well as a university professor’s lecture revealed by a picture on the anatomy book and, in the same way, the story of the brand essence from a given product’s packaging, and so on.

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